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jonghyun is a huge douchebag and he’s really superficial and pretty much an awful person. don’t become this person’s fan because he will ruin your life.

it kinda felt like a good time to bring this back + add on to it, so:

  • is just as welcoming and warm toward his male fans as his female. (as he should be)
  • when university student kim eun ha was trying to get an open letter she wrote about the intolerance, abusive and bullying she’s faced at her school, jonghyun changed his profile photo on twitter to a picture of her letter, ultimately revealing his support of the lgbtqia community. now, the dude doesn’t deserve a cookie for being a decent human being but it was the way that he approached eun ha privately with respect and concern over both: a) not wanting to draw negative or overwhelming attention to her and b) not wanting to steal any spotlight from her, that stuck out the most.
  • when shinee’s manager yelled at fans to stop taking photos of the group after a performance jonghyun “yelled" back at them to keep on taking as many as they wanted to.
  • when jjong played a rough copy of “gloomy clock” for iu she loved it so much that she asked him to personally sell it to her. jjong immediately denied her offer for cash and told her that he’d give it to her for free, essentially.
  • he vehemently (like…really) went out of his way to both promote and show how proud he was of taemin when he debuted as a solo act. he even cried about it apparently like taemin was a baby bird flying free from his nest for the first time or something.
  • before officially doing the asl ice bucket challenge he made sure to emphasis at multiple times how important it is to keep the origins of the challenge/awareness of what it means high.
  • he grumbles to his dog when he’s had a bad day, okay??? and also this.
  • he wants to encourage, inspire and be there for people all the time.
  • when he was in the midst of recording a show in the dead of winter he bought and prepared coffee for his fans/fansites watching.
  • when onew hurt himself during “everybody” promotions he did his best to take care of him at a recording (both explicitly and quietly).
  • he always goes out of his way to promote labelmates, examples being: f(x) during their “red light" promos (he also promoted then via twitter for "electric shock" and "rum pum pum pum" and krystal once stated that he bought 10+ copies of their "nu abo" mini), toheart when they debuted, exo, henry, red velvet, tvxq, ect. he’s also given nice compliments to taeyeon and chen, and given sweet shoutouts to sunny/her radio show.
  • he also promotes artists from other companies via his twitter, ie: taeyang, jung joon young, block b, ga in, iu and son dam bi. he’s praised winner too.
  • this too. look @ all that girl group love.
  • he dedicated an entire special section of his radio show to songs that he wrote/composed based on stories that were sent in by fans.
  • he brought light to state of war between israel/the gaza strip via his twitter.
  • he worries about people saying rude shit about him all the time which is exactly what happened and he doesn’t deserve that. :c he takes it to heart. :c
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"If you tell me where it is, I’ll disarm the bombs for you. Well? It’s not a bad trade, is it? Yes, Twelve, that means you will betray Nine. But you already betrayed him. You chose that woman over Nine. Are you going to let the woman you betrayed Nine for die before your eyes? Nine will not forgive you, you know. He’ll never forgive you. You’re a dirty little traitor

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best of dumb exo:

↳ Kyungsoo

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I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve sat in this nook, looking from the window down onto the world below. The movements of the people that come and go are the same, day after day, year after year, just different faces.

There was a little girl, though, with caramel coloured curls. Every day she wore the same red coat, and a matching ribbon in her hair. She would skip along beside her mother on her way to school, down there, along the pavement past the café on the corner, past the bakery, the butcher’s shop and then across the street into the plaza on the other side.

Do you remember? We watched her together and wondered what she would do, and who she would be when she was grown. If she would still sing as she skipped along that same path, not a care in the world.

And she does. She does still skip along the pavement, past the same store fronts, most of which haven’t changed after all of these years. The ribbon in her hair is gone and the hand that she holds is no longer her mother’s, but that belonging to a lover, a friend. The movements are the same, day after day, just different faces.

It’s just me up here now and I have often wondered if you still care about such things. If you’ve ever thought of that girl and who she has become now that she is grown.

I see another little girl now. She skips along the pavement past the café on the corner, the bakery, the butcher’s shop and then across the street into the plaza on the other side. And look at her! She wears a little red coat with a matching ribbon in her hair. The hand that reaches to her to hurry her along as she skips and sings, it’s yours …

And I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the glass as I watch you both come and go. The movements are the same, both down there and up here in my window. Just different faces.

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Each of the Houses represents one of the four classical elements: fire, earth, air and water.

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sehun eating red jelly bean candy (。⌒∀⌒)ノ
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The hours between 12pm and 6am
have a funny habit of making you feel
like you’re either on top of the world,
or under it.
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